Words Of Thee Geraldine Fibbers

What has always made the Geraldine Fibbers special for us, beyond the collective musical talent that takes the listener souring into the stratosphere, are the lyrics of Carla Bozulich, a writer that has the uncanny ability to make us cry with the turn of a phrase despite being wickedly funny. Of course, we're also collectively lazy and we're happy that the lyrics to the Fibbers albums are collected not only in the liner notes, but at this great Geraldine Fibbers/Site where should you find yourself without your handy liner notes and you want to know what Carla is saying on say "Butch" or "Richard"--you can do so without a lot of fuss. So, strangely enough, this Fibbers lyric page features Carla's brilliant lyrics from the Scarnella album recently released on Smells Like Records, and lyrics to one song that as far as we know has never been made commercially available (but we really, really love. And yes, that is a hint.)

Fibbers are here now... they're watching you...

If you must get some of the Fibbers' lyrics from thee shrinekeepers, Anthony's dopey lyric generator is still around. It never gets updated and it has some severe coding problems. Meanwhile, enjoy what we have. And there will be more, we promise...

Lyrics to Scarnella

Lyrics to Other Songs

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Last updated on November 29, 1998