Geraldine Fibbers Links
Here are some links to more celestial planes where the Fibbers rule (and pretty pretty please send us URLs to any Fibber related material you don't see here) Many are outdated. Here are six that are very important... Carla's site,, Carla's MySpace site,, Carla's artist page at Constellation Records, The Night Porter's site, and Nel's site, and Jessica Catron on The Night Porter's MySpace site (where a great deal of Night Porter info is posted. We'll try to clean the rest of this mess soon, but click around. Some links may work!!

Links To Other Fibbers Homepages

Lord Ouch's Fibbers Pages. Jeffrey's site currently features Carla's drawings and an interview about Carla's artwork from Fizz magazine, a piece on Nels and an article by Leyna. He's just added this article from 1995 previously unseen online. There's more to come!

Arrow to My Drunken EyeA home page that features, news, pics, tourdates, lyrics and whatnot.

Moe's Fibbers Page. Moe lives in France. All he has are two Fibbers pictures scanned from French magazines on his Fibbers page. But wait until you see them. You can also visit his main site.

Scarnella Links

Billions' Scarnella site. Scarnella's area at their booking agent's site. Check it out for the most up-to-date tour info and for some cool audio files.

Scarnella at Smells Like Records. Featuring photos, news and tour dates. Also check their general artist tour page for up-to-date info and their artist's index page for a cute Scarnella logo.

Geraldine Fibbers tour posters by John Howard. Take a look at the beautiful poster from the Lost tour and possibly order one. And go to John's main site for lots of other nice things.

Ode 2 Noone's Fibbers Page. A newly formed page featuring guitar tabs, some very cute pictures of the band, recipes of the Fibbers from a 1996 newsletter and some links to articles.

Wojtek Olszenka's Fibbers page! Wojtek is a Fibbers lover who lives in Poland. He has a couple of good pictures and info on the band in Polish!

I Music site for the Fibbers AND I Music's Geraldine Fibbers Bulletin Board.

Concert Review Database. Janice's page featuring reviews of concerts from the Butch tour from people on the Fibbers e-mail list as well as some Scarnella reviews.

Geraldine Fibbers Tabs ... as well as some other tabs transcribed by a fan. But the Fibbers get top billing.

EBay Fibbers Stuff. A one-click way to see what's for sale and for how much.

Other Fibbers links

Scrapbook from Fake Party a performance art piece at MAK Haus/LA.

The Official Carla Bozulich Homepage!! Finally, a safe haven on the internet where the glow of Carla can be basked in. It's in progress but there's a lot of fab stuff right now including a show calendar and a history of Carla through a history of her cats, as well as a breakdown of what Carla's been up to since the Fibbers toured. Why are you still on this page when you can go to Carla's???

The Official Nels Cline Homepage!! Finally, a centralized one-stop wonderland of up-to-date and accurate date listings, recording news and more from the man himself. Constantly updated with a great photo gallery - including some terrif Scarnella and Fibbers shots. Never miss a Nels show again. Go there now!!!!

Please note - Links are in the process of being updated.

Poetry from a Fibbers fan. Yes, that Carla poem is about OUR Carla (we has to be).

Online Review Site, this one for Happy Days, Sweetheart

Nels Cline's Tour Spiel about Mike Watt's Shineboxtour is a great read and a piece of history... as Nels listens to Lost and falls in love. And check out the rest of EVOL.ORG for pictures, facts, and more about Nels and Watt. It's a great place to loiter.

By Hook or By Crook A film for which Nels and Carla are writing the music.

Press release from Scarnella's perfomance at the Walker's film and music series.

Map of the Incestuous Hoboken Music Scene

LA Live's Geraldine Fibbers Cybercast! Catch the band live -- recorded October 30, 1997.

Leaving Lost Wages is a short film featuring among other things in obscure black and white, a performance by Los Super Elegantes. We dare you to find Bill, but the song is very cool. You will need Vivo player.

Check out the WIN Records site for more Nels stuff.

CD-R Swap. Looking for live CD-Rs of the Fibbers, or got some to trade? Go here.

Review of Butch Read this if you have a crush on Carla and you will find you're not alone.

Article on the Fibbers from the colorfully titled "Salt for Slugs" Probably from around the time that Butch came out (as it were).

Article about the Fibbers from 1997.

The War Against Silence review of Butch and What Part...

Review of a '97 Tuscon show

Review of Butch from the Yale HeraldIncludes some sound samples

Top of the Trash HeapAn article on the Fibbers from '97.

Nashville Scene article on the Fibbers from '97.

Earpollution review of Scarnella Scarnella

Article about the Fibbers and Lilith and how never the twain shall meet.

Piece on the Fibbers from Salon.

The Claudine Longet Page features a quote from Carla about Claudine Longet and mentions the song "Claudine."