Demand Thee Geraldine Fibbers!
GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN AND ON THE PHONE! Well, MTV is now playing "California Tuffy" on M2 and has played "California Tuffy" and "Dragon Lady" on 120 Minutes. They've been getting a bit of coverage on Much Music includings feature on "Break This" and "The New Music". So thanks to everyone who wrote in! But the Fibbers still need your help. Despite the praise being heaped on them and all of the good write-ups, radio stations and music television stations aren't playing them nearly as much as some other less talented artists who shall remain nameless. You need to let the music-playing media know that there's room for intelligent, beautiful, passionate music on the radio again! Demand something new!! Write these people today!
What are you 
waiting for? Get to work!

Write to 120 MINUTES at MTV or to the request line at M2 and
demand your California Tuffy! (You may even want to try Indie Outing.)
Or go to MTV's Programming Feedback Page!

In Canada, write Much Music's RSVP and Wedge shows!

CFCR Saskatoon, SK
CFNY Toronto, ONClick here for e-mail request form
CFOZ (OZ-FM) St. John's, NF Randy Snow, program director
KTCL (Adventure Radio) Denver,
(303) 623-9330
KICT (T95) Wichita,
KITS (Live 105) San Francisco,
KLYY (Y-107) Arcadia,
request line: 1-888-999-Y107
fax: 1-888-Y107-FAX
KLZR Lawrence, KSJeff Peterson
KPNT (The Point) St. Louis, MODJ E-Mail Link Page
KRZQ Reno,
Requests 702-829-4441
Fax 702-825-3183
WAVF (96 Wave) Charelton,
WBAB Babylon,
WBTZ (The Buzz) Burlington, VT Feedback Page
"Buzz Line" : 802-658-4999
WBZF Florence, SC (the Buzz)Rich Allen afternoon PD
Ed Bennet overnight DJ
WDST Woodstock,
WEDG (The Edge) Buffalo,
WFUV New York,
Meg Griffin, DJ
(718) 817-4535
WHTZ (Z100) New York, NYRequest Line
WJSE Atlantic City, NJFeedback Page
WNYU New York,
WPUP Athens,
WREK Atlanta,
(404) 894-2468
Voice Mail/FAX: (404) 853-3066
WXRK New York, NY (K-ROCK)212-750-0550
FAX: 212-832-9544
Y100 Philadelphia,
Feedback Page
Request Line: 1-800-232-1003
FAX: (610) 565-5578

Thanks to Rowan Mayfair for the scan at the top of this page.

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Last Updated January 20, 1998
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