Geraldine Fibbers Reviews


Review of a 1994 show with Royal Trux

Review of the June 7 El Rey show from the LA Times

Response to the LA Times review of the El Rey show from Entertainment Today



A gushing review of the Fibbers in Vancouver from November 1997 with some breathtaking black and white photos of the band.

Blurb about Fake PartyA performance art piece Carla Bozulich performed at the MAK Haus in LA.

Review of Scarnella in Seattle with great pictures. Also check out a review of Scarnella in Olympia, WA 8/5/98 with many Scarnella photos provided by mailing-list maintainer Randall from the same site.

Review of Scarnella in Portland, OR 6/4/98 from the same site as above with more Randall photos.

Review of the Fibbers at the Palace from the UCLA newspaper.

Show review of Fibbers opening for Joan Osborne. The guy totally savages the Fibbers but I don't know what's worse--his lack of taste or his stupidity (check out the line about Courtney Love on a "heroine" binge). Haha, they fixed the spelling error but you can still laugh your ass off cuz they don't know a good George Jones cover when they hear one. Morons. I laughed so hard I cried.

Brief blurb about the Fibbers SXSW show. Scroll down a bit for the review.

Review of a Rock for Choice show on the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade in 1995. This is allegedly the Fibbers debut as a band (not the case see the 1994 gig with Royal Trux).

New Coat of Paint: A Tribute to Tom Waits (features Carla Bozulich, Nels Cline, and Bill Tutton, among others)

A glowing review of the whole tribute, but also gives Carla and Nels' contribution distinction.

GO LISTEN CD Review Site

Loud Energy review

Pitch Weekly Online review site. Hey you gotta buy it somewhere, right?

Dallas Observer online (Carla is the only one who gets Waits right according to this one)

Der Schallplattenmann sagt It's auf Deutsch (in german)

Cleveland Scene Online Rave! Says Carla evokes Marlene Dietrich!

review from Imagination Street site

Scarnella (Nels Cline and Carla Bozulich)

New Times music awardsNels and Scarnella were nominated for a gazillion awards. Did they win? Well we didn't get the answers we need here, but we were amused...

Article from Portland's Williamette Weekly when Scarnella opened for Versus there. I know I probably didn't spell the name of the mag right, but i have portland block.

Disc review from Pop Matters

Disc review from Well Rounded. com

Scarnella, Scarnella reviewed on Pitchfork

Review from Eat the Music (ouch!)

Review from Bob

Review of Scarnella's performance at This is Not a Festival

A sort of article/review about Scarnella

Live show review of Scarnella when they opened for the Boredoms

Best albums of '98Scarnella makes the list

Downtown Gallery's newsletter

Top Ten of 1999 Scarnella makes the list, again

Scarnella show reviews from Janice's show reviews page

A list of the best of 1999 in music by radio host Bill Chen.

Live online journal of a Scarnella fan.

Nels Cline et al.

Listen to Nels Cline's lp Inkling online.

Read about Nels Cline SF weekly.

Fingercore magazine: an article called "Nels Cline is God"

Tucson Weekly article on Nels Cline

Review of Inkling and Interstellar Space Revisited

Geraldine Fibbers reviews

A review of Butch in The Boston Phoenix by a writer we really think is going places!

Well written review of Scarnella from Ear Pollution.

Review of Scarnella from CMJ Online with Real Audio samples of "Release The Spring" and "Dandelions".

Great review of Butch from the Australian netzine GravityGirl.

Sheffield Electronic Press reviews Butch with their tongue lodged into their cheek. Great review, though.

The Scotts on Sound review Butch. Two critics at New Jersey Online do the Siskel and Ebert thing with Butch and add sound clips.

CMJ makes Butch a pick of the day. And they also have some sound clips and kind words for thee shrine.

Review of many things Fibber by fab Santa Fe DJ Steve Terrell.

T@p Online Review of Butch in which the reviewer declares that if Carla was his mother, he'd have her sing him to sleep every night.

Here's an example of the type of positive review that would make an artist stop reading reviews... From the first sentence, the reviewer loses cred.

Review of the Dragon Lady single featuring stunning artwork from the 7" sleeve!

Review of Butch from Scratch magazine.

And a review from the Austin Chronicle. Scroll down. The reviewer does well enough until he uses the word "cowpunk" in the last line.

A review of Butch from Pitchfork.

Review of Butch at E! Online. Listen to the clips and ignore the B- review.

MSN Music Central Review of Butch The reviewer talks more about the band's history than the album, but he gives it five stars.

Review of Butch from Salon Magazine.

Review of Lost Somewhere...from Adam Curry's Metaverse (scroll quickly thru the Alanis crap or you'll get cooties.)

Review of Lost the zine Bunnyhop.

Review of Butch from the zine Baby Sue. They give it five dolls with their tongues sticking out! A rave!

Also check out the Geraldine Fibbers Worship Center's Review page
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