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Many of the links and files here no longer work but you can download many Geraldine Fibbers tracks at the sounds page on Carla's web site. (You can also download her solo stuff, plus Evangelista, Scarnella, Ethyl Meatplow and more.) While you're at it, download the amazing new track "You Are a Jaguar" from Carla/Evangelista's new album Prince of Truth (this track also features Nels on guitar).

Everything below this point is basically history and probably won't work. But those pictures from Spin are great, right??!

Why only read on a web site devoted to great music when you can hear the band? Here's the situation... I certainly don't have enough space to keep clips of the band on my server, but there are a number of places on the internet that have the glorious sounds of the Fibbers. So nothing below is on this site, but many of them will take you directly to the sounds of the Fibbers, or else they'll take you someplace where you can click on something to hear the Fibbers. Please make sure your computer/browser is capable of playing a particular type of file before you click. (I'm sure you will, you're responsible people...) You can start by getting Real Audio or Real Player here.

Kevin Fitzgerald

Real Audio and Video

The Fibbers live at the Palace in Los Angeles:
October 30, 1997! A full 90-minute set in Real Video!

Video and Audio
(requires 28.8 or higher and Real Player)
Audio only
(requires 28.8 or higher and RealAudio 2.0 or higher)

Concert courtesy of L.A. Live

The Fibbers on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic:

July 18, 1997
Butch, Pet Angel, Richard live in-studio and a great interview.

February 23, 1996
California Tuffy, Hands on the Wheel and Marmalade

KCRW shows courtesy of LiveConcerts.Com

Scarnella! From Billions Web Site:

Death By Northwest

From New Jersey On-Line:

Trashman In Furs
Pet Angel

From E! Online (must have a 28.8 or higher modem):

Folks Like Me

Check out "Queenie" by Ethyl Meatplow starring Carla in it's entirety in RealVideo in the music video list below. And click here to listen to Ethyl Meatplow's Happy Days, Sweetheart in Real Audio.

Nels Cline
William Tutton

Other Streaming Audio

Live from The Bottom of the Hill, February 1996 if you have Streamworks. the entire cybercast is still on line hidden at this site.

MP3 Files

Statues and Etiquette is a poem written and recited by Carla. The track is taken from Creative Nihilism by Gary Kail/Zurich 1916. Carla (as Carla Noelle) participated on the album and so may have her band Neon Veins. This is the only track in which Carla supplies vocals. If you don't have MP3 capability, you can also hear the track in RealAudio. Thanks to Randall H. for creating these files.

WAV Files

From the Wall of Sound Web Site

You Doo Right (315K)
Swim Back To Me (308K)


Video of Scarnella performing the Marianne Faithful standard "Times Square" at some club in Hollywood called Vynyl in maybe July. I missed the show (mostly cuz I live on the east coast) but I've been playing this sublime video of the performance for months. It was made by Randall Hixson (Fibbers Mailing List Guru) and I hope no one minds that I put it up here. It is a zipped file that has a fairly long download time and you will need Windows Media Player to view it. Though a small price to pay for such a pearl!

Ethyl Meatplow's "Queenie" is yours to watch if you have RealPlayer 4.0 or higher. These files are courtesy of Randall Hixson and they will not stream. You'll have to save them to your hard drive and watch them on your RealPlayer afterwards. Here is the high quality 2 MB version of Queenie and a lower quality version.

Host and Hostess would like you to know that The Geradline Fibbers Worship Center is not currently available at this time. We do not know if it will ever be back (sort of like the Fibbers themselves so try the links at your own risk)
Did you blink when "Dragon Lady" aired on MTV? Now's your chance to make up for it! Here's scenes from both "Dragon Lady" and "California Tuffy" as .mov files, courtesy of The Geraldine Fibbers Worship Center's Sounds Page They had previously appeared in their entirety on another web site that actually wrote to tell us they weren't linked to our page, even though they were. Now the videos on that page are gone, and guess what? They're no longer linked.

Also check out The Geraldine Fibbers Worship Center's newly updated Sounds page for a slew of Real Audio sound clips.

Thanks to Randall Hixson for the scans on this page!


(if you dare click the question marks,
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