We thought, that while there is as of yet no content for Stardustlanes. We would send you to some pages that do have content. And not only, have content but that are links to sites that we either like or who share our fevered little passions for the weird, the wonderful, or the plain old mundane (I had to say that last one because I have a Dixie Chicks link and I felt that I probably had to warn readers about that).


Information on Women and HIV and AIDS from The Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource this site contains almost everything you need to know about HIV, AIDS and women. Women do not live nearly as long as men do with HIV. It's an election year and this is a big issue, even if you don't think it is.

Freakwater I have loved this band for years, but with End Time I become OBSESSED. And though I love the Emmylou Harris-esque quality of Janet Beveridge Bean's vocals, I have to admit that Catherine Irwin just so totally shakes me to the core.Or check out this article from Salon,"Louisville Lips" I learned some very important things--like that Janet Beveridge Bean swigs Jagermeister from a hiball glass and then chases it with tea. I fear that my Catherine Irwin obsession is being tested.

Kelly Hogan fan siteI've just discovered her after someone told me I might like her. Now I've gone gaga. Great site, great singer.

Neko Case site Furnace Room Lullabies is on constant rotation in my cd player. Check out Neko's Ladies--she likes Sheila E. (i love Sheila E.)

The Grain of the Voice An essay by Robin Markowitz that is about Frank Sinatra but read the last paragraph and you cannot help but think of Catherine Irwin, Marianne Faithful, Tammy Wynette, Carla Bozulich or a bunch of other vocalists I love.

Greil Marcus' Real Life Top TenLove him, hate him, whatever at least he makes you think or maybe he merely makes you scratch your head, sometimes I don't know the difference between the two and that is what is so great about reading Greil.

Link to one of my fave Kafka stories"Josephine the singer, or the mouse folk"

Dyxploitation A web publication from the gals who brought us Sister the ahh, sister publication of the late great East Village queer camp classic My Comrade ! And someday I might remember some of those great My Comrade/Sister parties too--something about a church basement on 2nd St., oh nevermind, just enjoy the site.

Obscure Screenwriter of the Month: Zoe Tamerlis or Lund Zoe Tamerlis or Lund—she went back and forth between the two names—was a great actress and screenwriter who had so much PASSION for everything she did that it infected everyone around her. Check out her credits, there's an interview with her here and a few pictures. A major talent who died way too young...

Interview with video artist Alex Bag One of my very favorite visual artists. She's a genius...and she shows about as often as I leave my house (which is like never).

Sharon Lockhart One of my very favorite photographers. Check out the image on the right (Untitled, 1996) and adopt her pose as you scroll through the essay.

Sentimental Education: An Exhibition curated by David Rimanelli If I had to pick an art critic to worship, it would be him. He's the only person I know who can cite Mary J. Blige and Slavoj Zizek in the same breath. Here's a press release for an old exhibition about contemporary culture and Flaubert with great artists like Patterson Beckwith, Alex Bag and Chivas Clem.

The Official Dixie Chicks Web Site Don't ask. Guilty pleasure. I have this country music fixation and they feed it. STOP LAUGHING!

The Nicks Fix Since you are already laughing go to the official site of the Queen of Shoe Convention gigs, Stevie Nicks. I still love her.

The Shannen Doherty web ring I don't really understand web rings. They never work for me. But I love Shannen, if it weren't Alyssa Milano, Shannen would probably be the worst actress on Charmed and hell, I like her anyway.

THE SOPRANOS The biggest fan site on the web. Lots of links. I live in NJ. I even live in the town where James Gandolfini grew up so THE SOPRANOS are IT. I'm obsessed with Lorraine Bracco. Why isn't there a Lorraine Bracco site? My bestfriend has a Carmella poster in her room.

List of Franny linksMy name is not really Franny. Here are some fun links about one of my fave literary characters.

Jacqueline Susann I love her so much I co-created a zine in her honor. Being the lazy attention deficient souls that we are, we only did 3 and half issues and I'm not sure how many have made it to the web. But hell, read her books, lots of them have been re-issued by Grove so you don't have to pore over garage sales anymore just to find her stuff.

Franny's Messed Up Mind Those with suggestions for good shrinks please email.

Am I Hot or Not? Needs no comment. Yeah, it's dumb, but it's a great way to waste your time. At least you're not them (or maybe you are and I owe you an apology now...)

Fun Ball Fan SiteA web site for those obsessed with Ebonite's fun ball bowling ball series. If we have to explain, then you don't wanna know.


Helping.org A really good idea for the use of the powers of the web for good—a place to look up who needs help in your area and where. One day I may even use it. They're currently playing up this whole "pay it forward" deal, but ya know, if a movie can help a few people deliver a few meals, so be it.

Forgotten New York Yeah, like Sonic Youth knows anything about New York City ghosts and flowers—whatever they know they picked up from Kevin, who's an expert in finding the remnants of the past and the hidden treasures in the place I'm proud to very nearly call home.

Few and Far Between Joda Thayer is the unannounced genius of our age.

Considering Issues of Metaphysics, Morality and Law in Buffy the Vampire Slayer I've come to believe that the reason I'm so obsessed with this show is that it's all based upon the idea that the world is saved every week by a group of social misfits. Proof of this is the fact that the show has spawned one of the nerdiest web sites in the history of the web, and that really is saying a lot. Proof that I'm as big a nerd as anyone is that I've literally spent hours reading this stuff.

Common Errors in English I don't go around correcting people, but someone should.

Free Will Astrology The only man in the world who's directions I follow completely.

The Lorax The gospel read to every young environmentalist-to-be can be found here in total violation of federal copyright laws.

The Van Gogh Gallery I can't type anything to describe this site without proving how little I know about art. If I hear one more person tell me how overrated my favorite artist is, I'll cut my ear off.