I usually hate sites that list all of the links to the very site you are currently reading or that list an overabundance of praise they have received...BUT I had to make a cannonical list of Dead Jackie web references because some of them are just so ridiculous. The entire zine was born out of an obsession with an X song called "Adult Books" and it is really just an excuse to be completely and insanely immersed in trash pop culture. Alot of it was never meant to be anything but an absolutely HUGE joke...it has grown way bigger than the original joke between me and my roommate (note to her: my idea, and WE did not write about Hillary, Donna and Janet in 1992, I did...). So if you would rather skip this list of links CLICK HERE to go directly to the web issues. Otherwise read on at your own risk (wait, I think that applies to the aforementioned link as well--if you are still reading this anyway).

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