anyone care what the starmistress is thinking?

December 31, 2001


pet peeve 3 way tie: mayor giuliani kissing his girlfriend after the ball dropped in times square on television; MAYOR BLOOMBERG; and the gym is closed tomorrow
obsession du jour some random girl i wished i could have helped out of an existential hole but instead seems to have vanished into it
to do not make any new years resolutions
ponder why anyone thinks 2002 is gonna be an "up" year
sports team du jour the epitome of absurdity--there is an nbdl game on at midnite
sounds mel c i "turn to you" (like a flower leaning toward the sun she adds profoundly)
film oh brother where art thou? (not as bad as i thought it would be but still a better soundtrack than a film)
tv watching britney perform in the water in front of the bellagio (i dare you to tell me she really sang)
book bible sales rose 15percent this year, highest increase since the gulf war
objet d'art on display somewhere britney spears diamond crusted belly button
food shrimp cocktail the family choice for holiday fun
beverage some kendall and jackson white wine instead of champagne (hey, it beats sutter home)
people who wear their martyrdom on their sleeve...
random additions or subtractions from any or all of the above make the top whatever number of songs that corresponds to the radio stations frequency END right now!


many thanks to my friend at Nerdslut for allowing me to rip her off
and to the starmeister for telling frontpage is not scary