anyone care what the starmistress is thinking?

December 30, 2001


pet peeve no matter how many times i take the "which female character are you in a kevin smith film" quiz, i end up as the shannen doherty character from mallrats (will i be fired from my own series now?)
obsession du jour marcia gay harden on education of max bickformd which sucks but also in pollock where's she's less pretty but does a better acting job
to do peruse mediabistro for employment opportunities in an industry i hate
ponder why some friends keep sending me notices for music editor jobs and freelance music writing slots when i never thought i did too well as a music person and did far better with books and pop culture in general
sports team du jour the jets lost HAHA
sounds the kylie minogue "nah nah nah nah nah nah" song--BRILLIANT!
film pollock
tv watching for coverage of the escalation of hostilities between india and pakistan
book should start reading the bible for relevant info about about the coming apocalypse
objet d'art on display somewhere mercedes 190 SL roadster ca 1961 or porsche 911 S coupe ca 1971
food hershey's cookies and cream nuggets
beverage diet coke
people in support groups who only give support to people who play by their rules suck and people in support groups who forget that sometimes people get angry at people for reasons that have nothing to do with them yet act like martyrs are gross
random additions or subtractions from any or all of the above i have the feeling that osama bin laden spent all that time in his cave playing risk and he is going to split the alliance between the us and the uk by having pakistan and india go to war and the uk won't back pakistan over india and we will be left with two unstable counntries with nuclear capacities and osama bin laden's followers still looking to teach the west a thing or two...


many thanks to my friend at Nerdslut for allowing me to rip her off
and to the starmeister for telling frontpage is not scary