anyone care what the starmistress is thinking?

January 3, 2002


pet peeve men or women who put on cologne and/or perfume before they work out AND the snow in durham/chapel hill NC has ruined it as my mythic haven from the rest of the world
obsession du jour letting go
to do actually send out resumes and clips
ponder why people are more optimistic in general about 2002
sports team du jour jason kidd ballot stuffing project still in effect
sounds two dollar guitar's burned and buried
film should i join netflix?
tv hey look at that the knicks won!
book carson mccullers "russian realists and southern writers"
objet d'art on display somewhere seydou keita at sean kelly and ej belloq at julie saul both thru feb 2
food i am fasting now that the holidays are over
beverage theraflu by the gallon but it seems useless
people expect too much...
random additions or subtractions from any or all of the above i am worried that lorraine bracco thinks she is really a psychologist: there was an article in the ny times about her address to a psychologist convention but maybe that worries me more about the psychologists now that i think about it


many thanks to my friend at Nerdslut for allowing me to rip her off
and to the starmeister for telling frontpage is not scary