anyone care what the starmistress is thinking?

January 2, 2002


pet peeve inability to sleep all night long (tho i probably still retain the ability to be awake all night long and sleep all day--maybe i'm a vampire)
obsession du jour jersey girl therapists
to do buy some theraflu to get rid of cold/flu that is coming on after jogging in freezing weather on new years
ponder if i am clinging to a useless identity as a delinquent and if there is a recession proof job (tho so far the only thing i can come up with would be a legal researcher for the firm that handles courtney love's legal matters)
sports team du jour jason kidd ballot stuffing project which is sort of like making sure that sally jesse raphael is at least 80 percent annoying on am i annoying or
sounds big star's "holocaust" and third/sister lovers
film the new facets catalogue arrived
tv why do people go on things like sally jesse?
book carson mccullers "instant of the hour after"
objet d'art on display somewhere seydou keita at sean kelly and ej belloq at julie saul both thru feb 2
food i am fasting now that the holidays are over
beverage diet coke
people don't do what you want them to do. why would i ever want to be a counselor of any kind?
random additions or subtractions from any or all of the above learn mind over matter techniques so that sore leg and body can still be forced on to precor elliptical trainers today so i can get my endorphin fix and happy belated birthday to edie falco who was born on january 1 (btw, she's great in laws of gravity)


many thanks to my friend at Nerdslut for allowing me to rip her off
and to the starmeister for telling frontpage is not scary