anyone care what the starmistress is thinking?

January 1, 2002


pet peeve how many times does mike bloomberg need to be sworn in exactly? (is he afraid we are all having problems believing he's really mayor? i know i am but the multiple swearing in thing isn't helping any)
obsession du jour voting for jason kidd on the nba all-star ballot cuz he's only 5th or something
to do get a copy of the new richard hell thingie and re-read the waves
ponder why i have a hard time relating to people who haven't been attacked by and then spit out by the existential void
sports team du jour michael jordan--i have to give it to him 38 years old and 53 points or something and he killed the nets
sounds carter family last radio telecast cd that i borrowed from anthony and never returned
film i walked out on chocolat
tv bowl games, bowl games, bowl games--why, why, why? are people who play football that much dumber than people who play basketball? there is a coherent way of determining the best college basketball team in the country yet with college football it is like the tostito bowl, the motor city bowl, the cotton bowl and yet none of them appear to matter as to who is the best team in the country.
book i rolled over on the anthology of black humor in bed last nite and i had a back ache all day. the moral of the story: i have to read more and sleep less
objet d'art on display somewhere seydou keita at sean kelly and ej belloq at julie saul both thru feb 2
food i am fasting now that the holidays are over
beverage diet coke
people There were many moments like that in the Vine...where you might think today was yesterday, and yesterday was tomorrow, and so on. Because we all believed we were tragic, and we drank. We had that hopeless, destined feeling. | Denis Johnson, "Out on Bail"
random additions or subtractions from any or all of the above i'm so in navel gaze overdrive i'm almost ready to play hope sandoval cds


many thanks to my friend at Nerdslut for allowing me to rip her off
and to the starmeister for telling frontpage is not scary