the dead jackie canonical list of overexposed media topics
as of 9/25 expired 15 mins ago

DJ Spooky aka that subliminal kid aka Paul D. Miller He thinks he is the new Jean-Michel Basquiat, nevermind that by the time Jean-Michel was this old, he was dead and then there's the minor fact that unlike DJ Spooky, JM Basquiat had more talent than hype. When you see his name run before you are snowed under by faux pomodeconmulticultitechnobabble hipster bull.

Nan Goldin Love her, hate her, whatever...just please no more photo essays in glossy mags. All this press before her retrospective makes me love edward 'i don't want no stinkin retrospective' ruscha even more.

East v. West Coast rapper feud Let's see millionaires shooting, and I thought that DuPont guy with his tank was wacko. Oy, can't we just get richard dawson to settle this and move on?

Lesbian how to books Even though I co-wrote one, how many books do we need to tell us how to be lesbians? Personally, I've been doing just fine without one and besides all the other authors ripped the idea off us everyone will wanna be a lesbian and it'll take all the fun out of it. hahahhaahaha....


And the Oscar goes to....Courtney Love-Cobain The first "punk" to win an Oscar...please! She should get one for her Barbara Walters interview.

TV shows about Aliens They have landed and taken us over, the only problem is that they seem to have only taken over the bodies and minds of TV writers. Yawn.

Killer club kids It's not bad enough that you see their name plastered on every scrap of paper you're handed in some dingy club now you have to see them in post office too?

Best of the web columns and entire mags devoted to the web We are all capable of using search engines. Why don't the people who rate web sites just make their own and do something constructive? OK, nevermind, I admit it, I'm just jealous that there are people who are paid to do nothing but surf the web. I mean that should be illegal or something.

DilbertAre things really this bad that people have to obsess about a pathetic comic character to make themselves feel better?