Jersey Girls

When one is born in New Jersey, one has to grin and bear any number of lame jokes about big hair, the smell of the meadowlands, toxic waste dumps, and the scenery of the Turnpike (Yes, it's ugly and no we don't know why it's called the Garden State).. So in the name of giving those of us who are from New Jersey (and we know they're lots of us considering NJ is the most populous state in the country) a little bit of pride in our, errrr, heritage we've compiled a list of cool chicks born, buried or who have otherwise wasted time in this most "bucolic" of states. And we might add, each one of them in their own way is a major kick ass, take no shit kind of woman we can only hope to one day grow up to be.

Janeane Garofalo

Patti Smith

Queen Latifah

Dorothy Parker

Debbie Harry

Nancy Sinatra

Connie Francis

Sandra Dee

Linda Hunt

Kate Pierson

Bette Midler

Sarah Vaughan

Maggie Estep

Susan Sarandon

Brijitte West (singer/guitarist from The NY Loose)

Inger Lorre (we don't really know if she's from nj, we just hear she's in exile there)

Valerie Solanas

Cindy Sherman

Sarah Jessica Parker

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