Three White House Gals

This piece is from DJSQ #2. It's a short story about Hillary, Donna Shalayla, and Janet Reno.

It was just another night at the White House--Bill obsessed with smuggling a pizza passed Secret Service guards, Chelsea in her room listening to a 10,000 Maniacs CD talking on the phone and probably getting high from her primo hemp the DEA gave her. Tonight, Hillary didn't feel like joining either of them. Even though she'd only just moved into the house, she was starting to feel closed in, restless--her soul ached for adventure, for the wild times she had livin it up on the campaign trail. She sat in her Power Wing office wondering where a White House gal like her was supposed to go for fun in this fishbowl of a city. Lifting the Presidential receiver to her ear, she hesitated a moment listening to the insistent drone of the dial tone before allowing her fingers to press down the now unfamiliar numbers of a woman she'd grown to know by heart. She wanted to ask the woman she was calling if she felt the same ennui now gripping Hillary so tightly. It seemed for a time that Hillary's call would go unanswered, not even a machine to pick up, but just as Hill's last nerve was fried and she prepared to hang up, a husky, out of breath voice rang out an eager hello.

"Donna?" Hillary questioned.
"Yes. Hillary? Is it really you?"
"Uh huh. I'm bored. Are you?" the First Lady whined.
"No, but, I'll call Janet and we'll go out. It'll be just like old times."Donna chirped happy to be back with her old crew.

Hillary met up with Donna and Janet at an out of the way dyke bar called Chez Biches just off Dupont Circle. She found the duo leaning against the bar scamming across the dance floor where women couples sashayed to "Deeper and Deeper." Wearing a bland, off the rack gray wool suit, a gray Indiana Jones type hat tilted off to the left and puffing her cigar, Janet affected a kind of swagger that easily made her the butchest woman in the room. Hillary snuggled up to Donna, gave her a quick peck on the cheek and ordered a double whiskey sour then joined her partners for the evening in a quick scan of the crowd. Just as the final strains of "Deeper and Deeper" flowed into another song, Hillary admitted to Donna and Janet the one thing she most wanted to accomplish while in the office was to get Madonna into bed and make her submit to the power of Mistress Hillary. Donna, envious of Hillary's desire of another woman, snickered about how funny it was that people didn't realize Hillary really did pose in her dominatrix garb for that Spy cover. Nobody except Janet and Donna knew it wasn't a collage. Hillary told Donna to shut up--you never know who might hear. Donna sipped the rest of her Fuzzy Navel happy Hillary cared enough to tell her what to do. Maybe she does still love me, Donna thought as she ordered a refresher.

Janet downed her third glass of scotch in almost as many minutes and after she'd drained yet another told Donna to get a back bone. Hillary, she said, wasn't worth getting all broken about. Hillary turned to Janet and snapped back a brisk reminder about exactly who gave her that job. To which Janet replied that she was only Hillary's third choice. She could have handled that she thought, if she didn't know she was a much better choice than those flabby-butted illegal alien hiring prissy girls Hillary'd wanted. Then again, Janet knew why Hillary wanted them. It was the same reason she pushed Bill to take on Al. It's the same thing Hillary has wanted for as long as Janet has known her--hot chicks. She wanted Al on board so she could get at his pretty blonde wife, Tipper. The same went for Zoe Beard and that other woman whose name escaped Janet with the last hit of scotch.

"You just hate me because I won't let a prissy femme like you dominate me" chuckled Janet, completely unconcerned about Hillary's response.
"You know," replied Hillary, "I can make things tough for you. You might have to squash those rumors about your sexual orientation again if you don't watch it."
"Jesus, Hillary, I'm not afraid of you. I remember when you were just another chick with a Joni Mitchell 8 track, a loom in the living room and a pile of tie dyed t-shirts next to your bed," Janet laughed between puffs on her cigar.

Before the argument got serious, or turned into anything more than just top talk, a drop dead femme with long red hair, electric boobs, stiletto heels and mini skirt walked up to Janet. "My what a big cigar you have there" hissed the busty red head while thrusting her chest directly into Janet's line of sight. "All the more to stamp out on this nice soft butt of yours" Janet commanded pulling the woman into her. The woman took Janet's cigar out of her mouth and kissed her.

Not to be outdone, Hillary went out into the dance floor looking for a mate of equal beauty to the one who wandered up to Janet. While Hillary was gone, Donna whined to Janet, "cameras follow her everywhere, she's so fabulous. She has all these beautiful clothes, Christ, she even has power hair bands. I can't compete with the kind of women throwing themselves at her." Janet ignored Donna and continued to amuse herself with her prized red head. Hillary came back over to the bar with a shortish woman with long dark purple curly hair, multiple facial piercings, a beat up leather jacket and clunky boots. An unlikely choice for Hillary, but Janet was pushing her tonight so she decided to try something a little new and different. When she had Donna and Janet's attention, she introduced her punk and lifted up the girlpunk's shirt saying, "look she even has nipple rings!" Hillary bought the punk a beer which the punk quickly devoured. After sucking down the last drop of hops, the punk asked if they had any drugs. Hillary said she had some pot. This made the punk laugh while she pointed at Hillary and shouted "hippie in a suit" at her. Hillary made out with the punk a few times, mostly just to get back at Janet. Donna just kind of sulked between the two couples, feeling sorry for herself because she was so in love with Hillary. Finally, it was too much for Donna to stand--she pushed the punk away from Hillary and with tears in her eyes, screamed at her, "Ever since the make over you don't love me any more!" "Christ" said the punk as she stalked off, super annoyed. "That's not true" said Hillary before she ran off after the punk. By the time she'd caught up to punk several minutes later, she was getting in Janet's Volvo with the red head. Janet tipped her hat at Hillary and let out a hearty laugh as she crouched into the car. Hillary was furious because it was too late to find someone else to take home. Now she'd have to go home and swat Bill around the White House dungeon before she could sleep peacefully.It wasn't that she didn't like doing this, it's just that they'd done it so often, it wasn't fun anymore. Walking back to the bar, she ran right into a still sobbing Donna and figured why not, after all she was better than Bill. Donna drove to the White House in total ecstacy, eagerly awaiting another night chained up in the dungeon by Mistress Hillary--just like old times.

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