The beloved Hostess of the Dead Jackie Susann Quarterly passed from this world on September 1, 2008. We'd like to think she and Jackie are sharing a cocktail, looking down and endlessly amused by the world they left behind. The Dead Jackie archives will remain on this web site indefinitely. Please honor our Hostess's memory by laughing with her below.

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Can we get you a cocktail?

This is the home page for the ezine Dead Jackie Susann Quarterly. The only zine devoted to preserving the memory of Jacqueline Susann. Just point and click below to wander into our wacky Jackie world...and remember Once is most definitely not Enough...

Hostess wishes to note: Dead Jackie is ahh...dead. After countless bad movies...an interview in Salon where even Camille Paglia praises Jackie, we couldn't take it anymore. We still love Jackie and we will heap praise on Grove for getting her books back in print until we are old and gray, but alas, this too must pass and we are moving on...so check out our greatest hits, our other web ventures or check into our new one Stardust Lanes which will have content some day.


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